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Holy Baptism is one of the many important Services we hold at St. Bart’s and we are happy to baptise anyone who lives in the Parish from infants to adults who wish to become part of the Christian family.

We may also baptise those who do not live in our Parish, providing you have discussed this with your own Parish Vicar  first; and that they are happy to sign one of our forms to state that the baptism may take place in St Bartholomew's

When choosing your Godparents, we ask that you check that they have also been baptised (Christened), as unfortunately they cannot be Godparents unless this is the case.

We usually hold the Baptism Service on the 3 Sunday of each month at 2.30pm and the Service lasts around one hour.

In the run up towards the Baptism you will be invited to join other parents who will be having their babies baptised, on a short course to the basics of Christianity.

  The "Start Course" is run over 4 weeks for an hour each session. If you are not sure about Christianity or been away for a while, the short course is a brilliant introduction. 
We encourage you to join us to help give you a solid foundation of Christianity as you make promises before God to bring your child up in the Christian Faith. 
Why not invite the Godparents and friends and family to Join you. Its open to all.
Click here to learn more about the START Course.

Considering St Bartholomew's Primary School?
Bart's School is one of the top outstanding schools in the country. A popular way to help get your child a place at the school is to use your connection with the Church.
If you child is 3 and under you may still have time to be eligible for our help
If you have a baby you may need to consider this now.
See HERE to find out how we can help. 

Our parish office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm.
Feel free to Phone or drop in for a chat during those hours, and Sue will have the answers for you.

If you need a quick chat or have any concerns or questions, you can get some instant answers to point you in the right direction, if you facebook message us HERE. Or email

We will need to take some details from you and give you some forms to complete; and you will also be invited to Baptism Preparation sessions with the Vicar.