Ways to Donate

Using any Debit/Credit card
Click the link here to donate any amount via Dona Donations.


From your Phone by Text Message:
e.g.  Text   Bart 3  to  70085   to donate £3.
          Text   Bart 5  to  70085   to donate £5.
           Text   Bart 7  to  70085   to donate £7. 

You can choose to give any whole amount from £1 up to £20.

You will receive a thank you text with the option to Gift Aid 25% of your donation at no extra cost to yourself.
Gift Aid gives us an extra £1 for every £4 you may donate.


Cash, coins or notes, in the collection plate/basket at one of the services,  or put into the donations box slot at the back of the church.
You can even give your unwanted holiday currency you have lying around the house. When we collect enough, we can convert it back into £'s




Goto-  www.paypal.me/stbartschurch

Enter the amount of your gift. Log into your Paypal account and complete donation.


Yellow Gift Aid Envelopes:

Put your donation into one of the Yellow envelopes found in the pew.
If you are a taxpayer, make sure you write your name and address on the back so we can claim back an extra 25% of your donation, then drop into the collection basket or give to one of the stewards/ Wardens or drop through the office letterbox.


Standing Order:

Set up a regular monthly giving that you control through your Bank.
Obtain a Standing order form found at the back of church,  or print a form here and post to the parish office
Fill in your details and hand to a Minister or a Church Warden.


Direct Bank Transfer:

Login to your Bank app or online account.. Choose the amount you would like to donate and transfer to _
Co-op Bank
St. Bartholomew's Penn Parochial Church Council 
Sort code 08-92-99
Account No. 65203444 
Please reference  as “Bart Donation”