Pastoral care

My name is Sue Pask , and along with Joan Bartlam Mick Caddick  and Rev Preb Ben,  we are the Pastoral Team at St Bart's.
Our main role in the church is to seek out people who may need a little help and to serve their needs as best we can, whether it is giving them a lift to church, visiting them at home or just telephoning them to ensure they feel supported and that they are not forgotten. We can also bring Communion (the bread and wine) to a person at home if it is their wish.
We also visit nursing/residential homes nearby to take services and communion. This is so rewarding to do, to sing old familiar hymns and say well remembered prayers is a comfort and pleasure to many that miss the church life they may have enjoyed for many years before .
I am also a volunteer on the chaplaincy team at New Cross hospital so if you or someone you know would like a visit whilst in hospital this can be easily arranged.

The word pastor  comes from Latin word for shepherd.
Pastoral ministry  is the ministry of shepherding God’s people.
A pastoral carer offers a friendship that is intentionally seeking to "walk with you along your path".
Its focus is on emotional support and spiritual care.

Most of us at some point in our lives will need a little extra support over and above that which our loved ones and friends provide. Times of illness, grief, loss of a job, depression, anxiety, hospital stays, loneliness ….all are extremely stressful and affect us differently, we may cling more tightly to our faith or we may feel separated from it, adrift and confused. It can sometimes be easier to talk to someone who is not a family member, someone who will just sit with us as we talk out the worries and fears we  have , to try and come to terms with new situations we may be struggling with. We are not here to preach, we are here to listen and comfort.

The team here at St Bart's have a wealth of life experience, a strong faith and an even stronger desire to help and support others who may be struggling for whatever reason. We encourage the church family to look out for one another and to bring to our attention anyone who is missing for a few weeks or is experiencing any kind of difficulty, so that we can step in if required.

We are in regular contact with each other and meet officially once a month to discuss who we are supporting and their needs etc. It is all completely confidential.

Do you Know someone who my need some extra support? We invite all enquiries.
We can be contacted most easily via the parish office.