Living faith course


    • Provides an opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith 
    • Encourages exploration of the Bible and the traditions of our faith 
    • Links the area of study to living as Christians in today’s world 
    • Help to equip us in the Church’s mission of serving Christ and others
    • Encourages and enables us to be more confident followers of Christ

Here is Dawn's experience of the course:

"Living Faith is a fabulous starter course for those who have the itch to know more. It is a great way of exploring the Christian faith if you have just come to faith, want to refresh your faith, or a good way of Deeping your knowledge in a more structured way. It is facilitated in an informal manner, with structured sessions over the period of a year. Touching on topics such as The Lord’s prayer, The Triune God, the creation and nativity story. There is cd and PowerPoint to listen and watch, extracts from literature and class discussions.

It is a great starting point to go on to study in a more in depth manner, or just as a foundation to your faith.  It is a great way of meeting new friends with same Christian outlook, and many lasting friendships were forged in the group I attended. It was easy to get into the swing of the evenings session, and pick up again if I missed one. It gives you a different perspective of looking at things that occur in our daily lives, and how as Christians we may differ in our thinking from the secular world. Pieces of music I’d heard previously took on a new light, films watched before were now seen through new eyes (i.e. Shaw shank redemption)

I would highly recommended this course, so if you are considering attending the  living faith course, my advice would be “Go for it, you certainly won’t regret it”
Dawn Ellis - St Martin`s Parish Church"

This is a one year course principally for people who want to learn more about the Christian faith and discipleship and have done an introduction to Christianity course such as Alpha, or have been attending church for a while. Living Faith follows the seasons of the Church year and so supports the things we are doing and talking about in Church. It marks the key festivals. It involves some Bible study, examining beliefs and the work of the God through Jesus.

    • Term 1 starts in the New Year when we think about the way in which God constantly offers us new starts, and then approaches Easter thinking about the multi- layered meaning of Jesus' persecution and death on the cross.
    • Term 2 starts with a celebration of Easter and the good news of the resurrection of Jesus which changes the world and our relationship with God forever. We complete this term by looking at some of the key beliefs of the Christian faith for example the Trinity, and moves on to what it means to be part of the Church and have the Good News about who we are, and who God is and the desire to share that Good News with others.
    • Term 3 starts with looking at creation and harvest and moves into considering what is a prophet and anticipates the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

There will be opportunities to explore the call God is making on your life, and for some this will lead to further training.

Each term consists of 8 weekly evening sessions (there will be a break for half term) plus the opportunity to share food together.