Get Involved

We are always grateful when people want to get involved in St Bart's and St Anne's. On this page we have listed some of the practical ways you can be involved with church life, and who to contact.

Our Church is like one big family home, and as such, there is plenty for you to be involved in to keep it in tip top condition.

Church involvement revolves around these three important values:
Time involvement, Talent involvement, and Money involvement.  

They are all interwoven to become one, called "Stewardship" , and as a Christian we are expected to help in all three areas fully.
Regular attendance at St Bart's or St Anne's and embracing what it is to be a Christian, you automatically become a Steward of God's Kingdom.

What is Stewardship? The Oxford Dictionary defines the word like this- Steward: Noun:

    • a person who manages another's property or financial affairs;
    • a person who has charge of the household of another, buying or obtaining food, directing others, etc.
    • a person appointed by an organization or group to supervise the affairs of that group at certain functions

Therefore, Christian Stewardship :  We are to maintain and use wisely the gifts that God has given to us. We are to help with all aspects of church life. It encompasses everything we think, say and do and how we invest in God's mission in the world.

    • How we spend our time
    • How we care for our body and make healthy choices
    • Our priorities around money
    • How we choose to use our talents and gifts
    • How we manage our relationships
    • How we care for the environment
    • How we practice our faith

Involvement using our "Time"
Time is a precious commodity these days. We have wonderful gadgets and machines all designed to cut down on our working day and give us extra time for ourselves. Unfortunately we manage to fill that time with other "Stuff" and always complain we don't have time for ourselves. Often, the time we give can be "What do I get out of it? Will it entertain me? Will it make me happy? How much will it cost?"
In truth we DO have time to give, and if we want to follow a Christian path it is important to prioritise our time by sharing it with church duties. Then, if our focus is on God, we will be happily satisfied in all that we do.
We give our time for practical duties but we must also give time to Worship God, to sit and pray, to listen to other people, to care for their needs, to learn about Jesus' teachings. Time doing these things are how strong connections are made.
The one thing that puts us off giving our time, is commitment. If you are a Christian you are committed to God. If you are committed to God, then giving your time is not a problem.
There are so many duties, small and large that you can help with. A few are listed below. 
Involvement using our "Talent"
All of us have talents or skills. Some talents can cross over in some of the basic church duties. eg. Can you smile and welcome people into the church, do you have a gift to make people feel comfortable by talking to them? This is a talent or skill that not everyone can do. To you it may be natural to be "Chatty and cheerful" for others it can be difficult.
To have knowledge about religious beliefs is a learned Skill. It might be one you've not thought about but could be useful to us. Perhaps you have learned a skill in your job, Accountancy, Decorator,Teacher, Surveyor, Builder or another talented profession that could help us.
Are you good at sport? Could you set up a team for adults, youth or children?
Maybe you have looked around the church and groups and thought "They could do with sorting..." etc perhaps YOU are the person to help us.
If you think you can help us in any way with a skill or talent, Rev Ben would love to know. Get in touch.

Involvement using our "Money" 
Some people say "I can't afford to give any money, but I'll give my time instead"
Unfortunately this is not the Christian way. We are all required to give what we can, with Time, Talents AND Money. Being a good steward is being involved with all three areas fully.
What we should do with our money is explained Here

List of Activities
Here are just a few of the activities that happen in and around our churches. Some need you time and some need your talent or both.
If you see something you are interested in, then either contact the office and ask  for contact details for that particular duty or talk to a Church warden at one of the services or facebook message St Bart's Here now.

    • Bellringing- we have a team of handbell ringers and main bellringers. Please do come along if you want to find out more - Handbell practice 7pm Tuesdays, 'Big' Bell practice 8pm Tuesdays.
    • Little Acorns Children's group. Help is always needed to help setup etc on Tuesday mornings
    • Sides People- This team helps welcome everyone to St Bart's or St Annes and ensure worshippers have the books and sheets for the service - this can be done at any of our services- Saturday Evening or Sunday Morning or Evening
    • Parish Mag Distribution- This would be delivering to a road once a month.
    • Praying with the "Prayers for healing" team one evening each month.
    • Taking photos for our Magazine.
    • Writing or finding articles for our Magazine.
    • Coffee serving after our Sunday 10am service, generally around once a month.
    • Be involved with a Lifegroup.
    • Children's crèche- needs helpers on a rota.
    • Junior Church need leaders and helpers (adults will be shown how to Lead).
    • Painting and decorating- odd jobs in the Hall- often Donna Williams needs help.
    • Emptying Bins of old wreaths etc from graveyard- once a month.
    • Be a Morning Choir member.
    • Be an Evening Choir member.
    • Help with the Spring and Autumn tidy up in the Church Graveyard.
    • Play an instrument with St Anne's worship band.
    • Play an instrument with St Bart's Worship band.
    • Brass Cleaning- this couold be done any time of day to suit.
    • Church cleaning rota- this involves dusting, polishing etc.
    • Help with the accounts needed, this would be collating data etc.
    • Many groups need help setting up and taking down equipment.
    • Electronic email blog publication- this just takes half an hour a week
    • Join Knit and natter.
    • Contribute and share your activites within the church on our Facebook page
    • Introduce an idea of your own to contribute.

Remember, there is plenty for you to be involved in. Many of these activities will open up new opportunities to be involved in other rewarding work in God's Kingdom.
The above list isn't complete. If you would like to discuss how you could be involved, Rev Ben would love to meet up and have a chat with you. Let him know how you can help or what skills you can contribute or what time of day you can make yourself available and Rev Ben will introduce you to the right people.
If you have any questions, our Church Wardens are on hand to point you in the right direction.
Got a quick Question and want to know more about one of the duties? facebook message us Here

Being involved with Time and Talents is two thirds the way of being a good Christian steward...
To find out how you can fully contribute to St Bart's and St Anne's with your finances see our ways to donate.