Revd Ben Whitmore- "I'm part of a life group and I would encourage all that come to St Bart's and St Anne's to join one. 
Lifegroups have been going strong here in Bart's parish for many years. 
Whether you're new to Christianity or many years of experience they have something for everyone. We meet regularly in numbers of around 6 to 10 people and explore what it means to be a Christian for us in our daily lives. 
There's bible study, friendship, support and laughter or even a meal and a pint at the pub! (one of my favourites!) But always, God is there! 
God Bless,  Ben"
For more info on Lifegroups, contact:
Treena Larkin –

Life Groups are about helping each other to live LIFE God’s way – working out what it means to be disciples of Jesus today, and reconnecting faith to the whole of life.

How they work
Each Life Group looks slightly different but all groups share the same basic commitment to:

  • Love one another
  • Keep God at the centre
  • Grow as disciples 
  • Live a life of witness 
  • Support each other in faith

To enable this a Life Group gathers weekly, usually meeting in someone’s home, with about 8-12 members.
The meetings are based on the “4Ws”, in line with the values above:

  • Welcome   Building relationships between group members
  • Worship    Keeping our attention focussed on God
  • Word           Allowing God to speak to us through the Bible
  • Witness     Allowing God to work through us in the way we live

Matt Wragg- "Our Lifegroups at St Bart's have been a fantastic support for Mick Caddick and myself. We have both found ourselves serving the Lord as Street Pastors looking after the young, old and Vulnerable on the city streets at the weekend nights. 
We meet many wonderful people but occasionally encounter problems that may need an ambulance or listen to stories from people that may have had a history of abuse. 
We don't think we would be able to happily volunteer to do what we do without the encouragement, support, prayers and wise counseling from the Lifegroups that we go to. 
My Lifegroup has been integral for many of my decisions with my walk with God. . I've learnt so much about my faith and made great friends. Should you join a Lifegroup? 
If you want to discover more about God and his unique wonderful plan for your life, then YES!"

For more info on Lifegroups, contact:
Janet Shackleton –

The purpose is to help each other live life God’s way, so the meeting can only ever be a part of this. A healthy group will support each other between meetings to apply God’s word to the whole of our lives. A healthy group will gradually welcome new members, and eventually seek to multiply to form two new groups.

Join a Group
Life Groups are open to all who want to grow in faith, whatever stage of your journey. We would love to see every member of the church belonging to a Life Group as we seek to grow God’s Kingdom in our lives and in our community.

The best way to find out more is to see how it works by giving it a go.
To join a group please contact the Life Group Co-ordinator:
Janet Shackleton -

Iris Mills - "I hosted the first life group that started from St Bart's at my home and WOW! What a journey that I, and all the Lifegroup have been on together!

I have been privileged to watch people grow in faith from year to year as I have helped with many of the church education groups and seen the love of God all around us. 

The outreach we have at Bart's from the Lifegroups is amazing. I love going to the care homes to share services and communion with residence. I feel gods love with us all as we pray. 
We have a fantastic coffee morning on Mondays which I think of as another Lifegroup, and we have wonderful support for each other. 
Our Lifegroup meet on Tuesdays and as they leave I go to bed and thank God for all the love and friends I have made.

I was asked if I would recommend the Lifegroups... Absolutely! Young or slightly older (like me) the friendships and love from everyone has been incredible. 
I just want to say God bless you all and love you!"


For more information on Lifegroups:
Janet Shackleton –