New To Church

If you are visiting our church for the first time, you may be concerned about what to expect. You may have been into a variety of different church buildings for Weddings or funerals or this maybe this is your first time.
On this page we will try to answer your questions.



With all of our Services you will be Welcomed by our Church Wardens or Sides People. (wearing badges) These people are there to welcome, hand out books and give information. 
We can have over 300 people come through our doors during the weekend and it is very hard to see who might be new to one of our services. We would be upset to think that we may have missed an opportunity to get to know you. We therefore encourage you simply tell a Warden or a sides person that this is your first time visit. This will allow us to help make you feel at home and we will guide you with anything you are unsure about.


Where Is the Church Hall?
The Large Community Church Hall is directly opposite the church, across the car park. Entrance is via the ramp at the side.
Toilets are available but are presently not wheelchair accessible. The Church Hall Lounge and Kitchen is located down the stairs from the main Hall. (see contact and hall hire for more info)


The Oak room is attached to the church building on the left.
You can get to the Oak Room either by following the path round to the Left of the church and walking into the Link corridor, the Oak Room will be in front of you. OR, by entering the Church through the main doors, look left and there is a door that leads into the Link Corridor, The Oak room is on your right.


There are toilets for all and wheelchair access toilets located from the Link Corridor.  Baby changing if also found here.
Using the door at the corner back of church will lead you into the Link corridor and you will find the toilets and Baby Changing directly ahead.


The Parish Office is located off the Link Corridor, back of church through the door in the corner. The Office can also be reached by following the path round from the front of the church to the left. The Office post box can be found here.


Within a typical service, usually during the third Hymn there is a collection.  You may hear "We will now sing our Collection Hymn; number...". A collection basket will be handed from person to person for those that wish to donate to the running and upkeep of our beautiful churches.
It costs many thousands of pounds even for simple things like heating. We do not receive any funding from the government and rely wholly on generous donations from the people that regulary attend our church and from visitors.

GIFT AID  If you are a Tax Payer, please consider filling in your address using the yellow gift aid envelopes provided in the pews to donate an extra 25% of your giving to our Churches.
(we cannot claim gift aid unless there is a taxpayers address on the envelope)


All our services here at St Bart's and St Annes have a friendly informal feel to them.
You will not feel out of place with informal Jeans and T shirt. If you like to wear jacket and tie or dress up a little it's totally up to you. The main thing is that you are here, and feel comfortable.

NOTE: Wedding, Funeral, Baptism please ask the organiser for appropriate dress code.


About halfway through the service you will be invited to approach the Altar Rail to receive a blessing or the Bread and Wine (communion)
If you have been confirmed, and receive Holy Communion at your own church, you are welcome to take it here.
If you are unsure for any reason about taking communion, then you are invited to come forward and receive a blessing. Simply take a service card up to the Alter Rail with you, and by this visual symbol we will know you have come  to receive a Blessing. (A blessing is a few words said that are a wish for God to restore His favor on you or a declaration of His goodness.
eg. From the Bible "May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you and bring you peace"
The "general routine" is to follow the people to the top, then proceed to kneel or stand at the alter rail on the side you lined up on, either the left or right. After you have received communion or a blessing, walk around, and down the side aisle to approach the Pew from the opposite end, so to avoid bumping into oncoming traffic!. Some pews are blocked, so you may need to walk to the back of church and up again to your seat!
If you are unable to come forward but would like communion or a blessing, let our Warden or someone know and we will come to you.   


Wheelchair access is through the main entrance and through the Link Corridor to the left of the building. The church Wardens or Sides People will show you an ideal place for you.
There is a Hearing loop for Hearing impaired. 
There are Toilets with disabled wheelchair access.
Large print Hymn books are available on request.


With our Sunday 10:00am Service, there is a Children's crèche in the Oak room for Babies and toddlers. For the ones that are a little older we have Junior Church in the Church Hall. Junior Church are guided back into the church at 11:00am to join their parents for communion and the remainder of the service.
You are welcome to use these organisations and stay with your children, or bring them to join the congregation in the main Church. There are children's books at the back to help keep them occupied if they become restless.
Perhaps bring a soft toy or drawing book to distract rather than things that rustle or metal cars!
If you would like to use the crèche or Junior Church, please ask one of the Sides persons or Church Wardens to help you.
If you are in the main service and your Baby is crying or toddler is becoming difficult to "Distract" feel free to take them to the Oak room at any point in the service to comfort them. You may find that standing at the back of church and rocking your baby to sleep will work for you.

Allow St Barts to be an extension of your home.
We are a Family orientated church, we have many young families here, and the more the better. We are used to the noises of small babies and children... YOU may feel a little embarrassed but we feel blessed to have you with us. Thank you :-)