The start course

Got questions about life and God and are looking for answers? 
Then why not make a START! It's a four-session course designed to help people discover the absolute basics of the Christian faith. 
(Best to attended before the Alpha and Living Faith Courses)
The course assumes you have no prior knowledge of the Christian faith and simply offers you the tools to to find out more should you choose.  

The Course is run every every two months throughout the year, and is offered to anyone with an enquiring mind about God. We have found it especially beneficial to parents and Godparents of children that are to be baptised, and its these people that form the main group for the bi-monthly sessions.

Many People have grown up in secular schooling, and have a global view of religion, but might not know what Christianity is, and what it has to offer. The Short Course is ideal for people who are exploring spirituality and what Christianity is, or need a refresher about Christianity. It's designed to be informal, fun and informative.
The First session incorporates a brief talk about the baptism service, but doesn't interrupt the evening if you have come only for the Start course.
The sessions are:

    • Whats Life all about
    • Is there a God? 
    • Why is life so messy? & Who is Jesus? 
    • Why the Cross? & Where do I get started?

Sessions last one hour with a couple of short DVD programmes, followed by time to talk, listen and ask questions. It is free of charge and there's no homework or written work.
If you would like to Join us on the next START Course, call or email the office and our Secretary will let you know when the next session will begin. We look forward to meeting and talking with you.